First film of the Year


I decided that my first trip to the cinema for 2017 would be to watch Assassins Creed, a bit of a contrast to my first film of 2016 which was the brilliant Danish Girl for which I spent half of the film trying not to cry.  The film made me reflect on how lucky we are to be alive in a time of tolerance (somewhat), a time of skilled surgeons, health care professionals, and advanced medicines, so no one in the modern would should have suffer  what  Einar Wegener had to in the early 1930’s.

Anyway, back to Assassins Creed, for which a certain Mr Michael Fassbender gave a great performance as Callum Lynch, who is tasked through modern technology to explore the memory of his ancestors with the aim of finding the location of the Apple of Eden for the betterment of modern society  (Plot simplified not to give any movie ruining spoilers away). The film travels back and forth between a modern day institution and Spain in 1492.  The scenes were visually pleasing and appropriate, and tastefully put together.  It is obvious a lot of thought went into producing a good looking film.  I have never played the game(s), so am unsure to how faithful the film adapted the plot  however, from an impartial point of view, I thought it was a good film.

My only criticism, and this goes out to many films that I have watched recently;loud tracks when there is not a lot on the screen happening, and quiet dialogue I find annoying rather than dramatic.  Editors and producers – or whoever is in charge of these things have to remember that movie goers often have busy lives, and sitting to watch a film in the cinema is probably the only time someone has sat still during a busy day.  Scenes like this can become hypnotic and put one to sleep resulting in good scenes in a film being missed. Thankfully, Assassins Creed was not overrun with this type of scene.

Final verdict.  Good film, and a great movie poster, will definately buy when released on DVD.

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