Death in Paradise Returns (yipee)

meet_the_cast_of_death_in_paradise_series_sixDeath in Paradise has returned to British TV screens for its sixth season.  In each episode the scenario is somewhat the same; some unfortunate person is found murdered on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie. DI Humphrey Goodman, and his law enforcement team of Sargent Florence Cassell, Dwayne Myers and JP Hooper set about gathering clues to find who is responsible for the heinous crime.   Towards the end of each episode DI Goodman works out who has committed the crime from all of the clues collated; he gathers all of the suspects together, and reveals who the murderer is, in a good old whodunnit fashion.


The format of the show does not change.  In each episode I know what to expect, there are no surprises to look forward to as such, so why do  I have Death in Paradise programmed on Series Link on my Sky box so I do not miss an episode; because it is brilliant.  It is a well written show that keeps me hooked from beginning where build up to the crime and the actual crime is carried out; to the end for the big reveal of why the murder took place, and who done it.  The show never disappoints.  I have no doubt that the writers spend a lot of time and care producing each episode. There are no gaping plot holes (that I have noticed anyway) which have no explanation, or make no sense. I have sat through numerous episodes in TV series’, and by the end, wondered ‘what was the point of that episode exactly?’  Big budgets, fancy graphics, great writers,  A list actors and adaptations from great authors do not always guarantee a great hour of entertaining television.  Death in Paradise is good old-fashioned writing from the beginning of an episode to the end.  Each new episode is as good as the last, and I am very happy to see its return.





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