Sherlock, season finale, leaked.

Well, whatever you thought of the season finale, I think the most disappointing thing about the episode was the someone found it prudent to leak it on-line a day before it was due to air in the UK.  Why would someone be so spiteful as to attempt to ruin the big moment for the fans, for the BBC, and for all of the writers and actors who put so much time and effort into producing a good piece of drama for our entertainment.  It has not been proven I don’t think, but I would not be surprised if this had some kind of effect on the viewing figures on Sunday night, when the finale actually aired in the UK on BBC One; but then to be honest, genuine fans would not have viewed or shared the leaked copy if they happened across it.


We should enjoy and embrace the privilege we are able to indulge in – in sharing and communicating information across the world at the click of a button from the comfort of our own home, or place of work; but with this privilege there should be accountability and consequence when it is abused.   I can’t even begin to comprehend how gutted Mr Moffat and his team must have been when they heard of the leak.  Those who uploaded the episode should be ashamed of themselves, even more so for those who watched and shared it.


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