lolita1The 1962 film adaptation of Lolita aired recently on channel TCM.  It was promoted as a comedy, but aside from what I found to be a mildly amusing beginning which tells the beginning of the end of the story (yes I did mean to say that) there is not much humor at all; which is not necessarily a bad thing.  The screen play for this adaptation was written by Vladimir Nabokov, who is the author of the brilliant novel Lolita.  The story is of Professor Humbert Humbert, who becomes inappropriately obsessed with Delores, the twelve-year-old daughter of his landlady whom he marries, the scenario does not end well for his wife.   In my opinion, the 1962 film adaptation did not fully show the true villain that Humbert really is, or what an absolute victim Delores (who Humbert nicknames Lolita) eventually becomes.   The 1997 Lolita film (staring Jeremy Irons and Melalolita-with-jeremy-irons-011nie Griffith) is a much more accurate adaptation of the novel, showing truly how toxic Humbert is, and how mixed up Delores becomes, and this is definitely the better film out of the two.  But as is true for so many adaptations, nothing beats reading the actual novel.  Humbert, the protagonist and the not to be trusted narrator who tries to lure the reader into seeing him as the victim despite his hideous intentions.  Lolita is a great novel, a great lesson in literature, and well worth reading, if you get the chance.

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