Moonlight – Now, I watch the BBC film review with Mark Kermode at any opportunity I can get, and I very rarely see him get emotional over any film he reviews, so, when I watched him talk so passionately about Moonlight on Friday night, it made up my mind that this was the film I had to watch this Saturday.

It is a coming of age film, the story of a young boy called Chiron, who grows up having to deal with a drug addict mother, being bullied by his peers, and with his own identity.  His simple life is complicated, an emotional roller coaster with one moment of happiness that he can share with nobody.   it is a great, thought-provoking story, which made me wonder, how many people do I pass everyday, who are living a life which just is not them, putting forward a persona of a person that they just do not want to be, but knowing the alternative, to show the world who they really are would probably ruin them.  Great film, with some great performances, Naomie Harris was really good, and though most of the trailers for this film show scenes with her and Mahershala Ali, for me, the performances by Sharrif Earp and Trevnate Rhodes (who plays Chiron as a teenager, then an adult) are truly outstanding, for moments, you forget you are watching a film, and it is more like real life playing out before your eyes.

There are many spoilers on-line practically giving the whole plot of the film away, but if you intend to watch this, I would suggest avoiding all of the spoilers, just head to the cinema and watch the film.  Some things are best enjoyed with no preconceptions, or with your old preconceptions in mind so that you can enjoy the moment when the film utterly and truly shatters them.

I have seen the advert for this film for a few weeks now, but today is the first time that I actually saw the poster for what it is, truly a image of coming of age – absolutely brilliant.

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