The Girl on the Train


THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, by Paula Hawkins. This is the first book that I have started and gotten to the end of this year. Its one of those books that you pick up, and you need to know what happens next.  It’s easy to follow the slightly complicated plot with the characters and their complicated lives.  It truly is a great read, the story draws you in to feel the emotion and the turmoil that the characters are going through.  Each character has a very good selfish reason to feel sorry for themselves.  You you can almost imagine yourself in their position. (Well that’s how I felt at any rate)

I had watched the film when it was released last year, and despite the fact that the film adaptation is faithful to the book, the book is just that little bit better.  The confusion, and the self-doubt of the main protagonist is clearer and more prominent in the book than the-girl-on-the-train-dvdwith the film, but saying that, I mean to take nothing away from the film, which was pretty good and well worth watching.

This is example of good writing, where the author cares about the plot, and producing a good story from start to finish.

Thank you Paula.

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