Maya Angelou…And still I rise.

BBC One – imagine…

Maya Angelou…And still I rise.
mangelouThis documentary gives an insight into Maya Angelou’s life that goes beyond the writing.  It talks about her public life before she became an author, and shows a hint of perhaps where she drew her influences to be such a great writer, poet and public speaker. How many of us humble beings could go through the trials and tribulations in her biography  ‘I know why the caged bird sings,’ and then go  on to become a highly successful public figure, and one of the great influential voices of our time.  The documentary speaks of her associations huge names from Malcolm X to Bill Clinton. maya and bill It gives an insight into her life, and the great sadness she endured along with her success. maya and malcolm





Whether you are a fan, a little curious, or just need a bit of inspiration, a voice to tell you that you can succeed at what you want to do, regardless what has taken place in your past, this documentary is well worth watching.  Maya Angelou, And Still I Rise.  Its available on the BBC i player, well worth the watch.

Thank you Miss Angelou, for your courage, your strength and your inspiration.

and still I rise15193700_1286158041443172_5018316875283507716_n


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