Dreamgirls, at the Savoy theater, London.  The directions to get there tells me the theater is a three-minute walk away from Covent Garden station, however, it does not tell me three minutes in which direction.  (Well, that could just be my inability to follow directions effectively)  So, I am wondering around, having to navigate my way around large groups of people, and it makes me wonder, why people go out to a bar for a drink, buy their drinks, then take their drinks outside the venue to stand on the pavement, in such large numbers, that they block the entire pathway, and to get past you have to walk in the road, or ‘excuse me’ your way through the gathering, reminiscent to a flock of birds hankering around an old lady on a park bench treating them to water-soaked bread.  Anyway I digress.

dreamgirl poster

Dreamgirls.  I finally get to the Savoy theater, and I have a seat in the stalls which is a pretty decent view.  The theater is buzzing with noise as people chatter among themselves, several around me discuss the film version of Dreamgirls staring Beyonce who played Deena Jones, and Jennifer Hudson who played Effie White.  Now if you have seen the film, and you liked it, you will absolutely love the theater performance, I’m convinced of it.  I actually enjoyed the live performance more than the film. On stage was Amber Riley as Effie White, Liisi Lafontaine as Deena Jones and Ibinabo Jack as Lorrell.  These women all gave great vocal performances on the night, but Amber Riley has an amazingly powerful voice, amazing.  Her performance earned standing ovations, and deservedly so, amazing, I mean, if I even attempted to sing like that, I would have to lie down for a week in recovery. (I truly cannot sing well by the way)

 If you like loud and engaging performances, with bright beautiful costumes, lots of costume changes, singing and dancing, sad moments and humor in one show, non-stop entertainment from beginning to then you should try to fit Dreamgirls into your schedule, I mean the opening number was amazing, the audience were clapping and cheering five minutes in.

It is a shame that such a great show is loosely based on real events in the industry around the The Supremes, and the tragic story of Florence Ballard.  It makes me wonder, how Florence_Ballard_(1965)many great artists have had their dreams stolen from them, because some manager or agent does not consider that they have the right look, even though their talent might be phenomenal.

I do not believe that the audience is as shallow as some agents or managers are. If someone has a great voice, and will produce a great song, we will buy their music regardless surely.  Anyway, Dreamgirls is an amazing show, and I do actually want to see this show again. Brilliant.

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