The Fate of the Furious

ff8It’s the Fast and the Furious 8, surely, well that is what my cinema ticket has printed on it.  No matter, I went to see this today, knowing pretty much what to expect, car chases that defy all logic (and physics) impossible fight scenes and the odd explosionukff8 here and there, and the film did not disappoint.  In fact it was really good.  It was really good, it had everything, the unnecessary one liners, plus a roller coaster of emotions; the characters displayed humour, actual laugh out loud humour (spell check is desperately trying to change my spelling of humour to humor, I will not allow it to) vulnerability, defiance and loyalty.  It is action packed, it has the odd surprise (well  I was surprised) and I am glad that the surprises were revealed to me as I watched the film in the cinema,  rather than learn of it from a spoiler online.  If if you liked any of the first seven Fast and Furious movies, I am convinced you will really enjoy this one.

Not forgetting (before 8)ff5edit (2)


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