Beware The Slenderman

The Slenderman – Sky Atlantic.


The Slenderman, a fictional being created by ‘Something Awful’ forum user Eric Knusden in 2009, for a photo -shop competition, an internet meme from the Creeypasta web-site where users share stories intended to scare.

The documentary aired on Sky Atlantic tells the true story of two twelve-year-old girls who attempted to kill their best friend, stabbing her nineteen times in order to please the fiction The Slenderman in 2014, believing that he was real.

It is worrying that a work of fiction was misinterpreted in such a catastrophic way by two young people.  The girls tell police of the careful plans they had put in place in order to kill their friend to appease The Slenderman.

I think this is a case of creativity at its best, bringing out the very worst in people.


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