Hail Fear

Short list magazine, week beginning 1/5/17 has a piece about fear in entertainment.shortlist

‘Hail Fear, by Alex Christian, Chris Mandle and Chris Sayer.  They speak to authors who have released books where the theme is based on fear.

Charlie Higson, his book – The Enemy.  In the interview, he speaks of his early influences, and questions himself about the content of his current work, and whether he should ramp up the fear factor in his narrative, or perhaps hold back.

Nick Yarris, his book – The Kindness Approach.  Nick Yarris spent twenty-two years on death row for a rape and murder he was wrongly convicted of.  In his interview, he speaks of not being afraid of dying at the time, but being afraid of his final worlds not being eloquent.

Luke Delaney, his book – The Rule of Fear.  Luke is a former murder squad detective, turn best-selling author.  In his interview, he talks of the unpleasantness of meeting serial killers in real life, and how they are misrepresented in the entertainment field, which often shows serial killers as having a certain charm.

This I thought was a really good edition of Shortlist with a few articles on fear in entertainment, with an interview with Michael Fassbender ahead of the release of Alien:Covenant which he stars in.  Lots of interesting articles, and ideas one’s own work of fiction.  Worth trying to get hold of a copy I think.


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