Father Ghost, by Olivia Peters.

An extract.

I made to scream out for help, I tried to put the mask back over my face to cover my eyes, however, in my attempt to rectify my mistake, I failed to close my eyes in time, and I did not close them until pain wretched through my body.  I felt as if a hook had sliced through my insides latching on to my navel before yanking me backwards, leaving my arms and legs flailing, outstretched before me as I was pulled backwards in mid air flying yet again into a world of unknown blackness, of which I was very afraid. I was so afraid, that my eyes remained wide open, and I almost forgot to breathe.

Father Ghost, by Olivia Peters, available at Amazon

Father Ghost, by Olivia Peters



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In case you missed it… — Owlstation

For anyone that couldn’t make it along to ‘There & Back Again’ the exploration themed exhibition I took part in this Summer – you can now see my illustrations and listen to the audio installation on my website. I so enjoyed taking part in the show and got completely obsessed researching my chosen subject matter! […]

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